Rowing is a strength leveraged sport. The taller and bigger you are - the more natural advantage you have over your competition. True lightweight rowers face overwhelming disadvantage vs their open weight counterparts. It is for this very reason that the lightweight category was introduced. Smaller rowers train just as hard and race just as tenaciously as their openweight teammates and deserve the same competitive opportunities.

USRowing will end youth lightweight rowing if we do not take a stand NOW. The critical decision is weeks away. Make no mistake, if we lose youth lightweight rowing now, it is never coming back. There are too many people saying "it will never happen"... it is happening right now. The task force has recommended terminating lightweight rowing and USRowing CEO Patrick McNerny will be making the decision by the end of July. There is no "vote".

This site seeks to inform readers of the situation, discuss the pros and cons of youth lightweight rowing and propose solutions to keep it safe and ongoing!

WE NEED YOUR HELP, to spread the word, gather support and to lobby USRowing

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USRowing Announces Youth Lightweight Protocol

USRowing announced on December 23, its Youth Lightweight protocol for the 2020 Spring race season.

We cover it in full here

We implore everyone... athletes, coaches and parents to embrace and abide by the protocol

without seeking special treatment, or trying to game the system.

The protocol is very reasonable, easy to comply with, and a generous time frame given. 


There are no excuses for genuine lightweights to not be in compliance and to be registered on time.

We have been given a lifeline, let's not mess it up!

Here is the USRowing Junior Lightweight Clearance Form 

Registration Deadline March 15th  2020

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A comprehensive statement regarding youth lightweight rowing, and how it can be changed to keep it safe.

It also addresses arguments that keep coming up with regard to youth lightweight rowing, and lightweight rowing in general.

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Read from athletes, parents and coaches about what lightweight rowing means to them, and why we need to save it.

We would love to share your own story, please email us.

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The petition, started by Miami Beach Rowing Club has surpassed 11,000 signatures.

Please add your name, and share the link to your friends and family and on social media, urging them to do the same.

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