How you can help

We would really appreciate your help, and we need to act NOW. First thing everyone can do is sign the petition, it only takes two minutes. We have already passed 10,000 signatures with our next goal of 12,500. With your help we can hit 15,000.

Social media campaign. Ok, this is what we are good at, right?

Snapchat, insta, facebook, vsco - wherever you spend time talk about this issue. Use the hashtag #savelightweightrowing and build more and more awareness of this issue. Tell your friends about it and ask for their support. Link to this website or the petition.

Reach out to your teammates, your coaches, the administration of your club and ask them to get actively involved. There are way too many people who wait for others to do something, or think it "will never happen". Every club has been sent a survey to complete regarding this subject. Please make sure your club completes the survey and advocates passionately to keep youth lightweight rowing.

Write a letter! Take 5 minutes to save our sport! It does not have to be long and involved, but please write to USRowing CEO Patrick McNerney cc a letter describing your support for lightweight rowing. Then ask your parents to write and your coach and club to write. If you are pressed for time, here is a sample letter for ideas or to copy and paste.

Feel free to send us a copy of your letter, and or your story so we can share it with all the other mighty lighties fighting to save this category. Send us a photo of you and your teammates, bonus points if it includes a message, and we will post it here.

Campaigns like this build momentum like a snow ball, but we do not have much time. Please do something today, and then spend the next week trying to get two people each day to do something constructive too.
                                                  Let's do this !